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Buy a vendor can be anyone whose sum of skills above 3000.0%, for the purchase of the vendor in the market need to find a free counter and double click on it. One character can hire no more than 1 vendor. The cost of the vendor is 3.000.000 gp. At the same time on account of the vendor appear 500 gp.

Team management vendor:

Cash - to withdraw money from the account of the vendor.
Price - set the price of the thing sold.
Buy - to open the vendor's price list.
Status - displays the current status of your account.

Sale items:

Put in the vendor's what you want to sell, say "buy" - offers a price list (the price of the thing will be there with a large number of zeros. This is done so that you are not robbed, as long as you have exhibited for sale), said price <Your price> and there will be a sight to aim the thing in the price list.

Important information:

Every hour of real time from your bank account will be withdrawn 500 gp. They need to have another vendor can retire.
Do not withdraw cash from a vendor command Cash, if you open a trade window with anyone, otherwise you will lose the entire amount withdrawn.
Do not leave the product price, delivered automatically when you add the goods. Be sure to change it manually, even if it must be identical.
It is forbidden to move or where the vendor. It is forbidden to sell empty bags, bags with incomplete goods, handbags with the broken item. Just read the rules about doing business here.

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