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Service "PRO" - a system of advanced features for more exciting games on our server.

Connect service can be directly in the game:
a special column on the Market

1. First time - 30 days.

Service can connect for free.

2. For gold - for 30 days.

This choice is possible in the absence of a connected service, or when connected with the end time up to 3 days.

3. For Lieras - 30 days or more.

Restrictions on the extension in this case is not, when connected to the 180 and 360 days, there is a one-time discount.


What opportunities does the service "PRO":

  • Mining, manufacturing and repairing things bonus tools.
  • The ability to choose a race and class.
  • Possibility of visiting the secure dungeon.
  • Search and extraction of treasures.
  • Possession of vendor and purchasing vehicles.
  • Visit ranking tournaments.
  • Access to the bank with your home.
  • And other useful things.

  To see the date and time of service possible in a game, opening a bank or when entering the game vvide countdown.

   At the end of "Pro," a character with race, class, or the owner of the vendor gets a special waiting room where you can extend the service or refuse, losing a race, class, or vendor.

   When injected into the waiting room, your vendor will be frozen and will not be traded. The rent will be charged as usual, watch your balance.

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