Race and class

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There are 2 types of races: Paladin and vampires, a character without a race just a man (human).

To change or connect a race, you need to have a connection service PRO, you can connect a special column in the store. Cost morph into a race depends on the popularity of the race and is not less than 100 000 gold coins. Also your geymtaym must be greater than 100 minutes. Becoming a vampire, you can use the obelisk on the Market.

Detailed description of the races in the Options section.


Classes - is anyone can become a race, having learned one of the following professions. To become a class (to learn a profession), you need to have a connection service PRO, you can connect a special column in the store. Cost morph into a class dependent on the popularity of the class, and is not less than 50,000 gold coins. Also your geymtaym be more than 1000 minutes of playing time.

If the list of skills is no Class Skill, download and install the game folder patch, needed to play on our server.

The Monk

Monk - the great magician. Using class skill, creates the illusion of a mirrored clone of his body. The illusion disappears when moving the character. She can not cause damage. It does not attack anyone. Through the illusion can not pass. One use of the skills required 5 Eyes of Newt.

The Hunter

Hunter owns the craft of creating graceful traps. Using class skill, he will create an under 20 Spider Silk invisible trap - a confusing web of occupying one cell. After entering a character into a trap, the trap becomes visible, the character is not immediately able to get out of the web, the character gains the right place hunters, on the basis as if Hunter would attack the character itself. Character, after disentangling from the trap has a 30-second imunnitet to hit a new trap, as Hunter himself received a 30-second imunnitet after setting the trap. Traps self-destructs 10 minutes after creation.

The Noble

Noble has a place of honor in society. If attacking him who becomes a crime Guard appear immediately, even if they are not called. Only a nobleman can do instant log-out in the Guard zone. Also Noble, using class skill of 10 eyes of newt 20 seconds can create magic mushroom. The fungus is destroyed after 10 minutes. New mushroom can be put in 30 minutes. Magic mushroom restores gray and blue characters within a radius of three steps from him for 5 mana per second. Exceptions: dead characters, criminals and Var fashion.

When you morph into a class you have the postscript, respectively, to the additional name. These classes are not the final version. Possible changes and improvements.

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