PVP and PVM sistem

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_________PVP SYSTEM_________

 PVP area

   By killing the player with the PVP level higher than the second, you will earn bonus points vvide PVP, as well as the killed will be charged depending on the level. PVP charges and write-offs are carried out, if your have the armor protection level 50 and above.

PVP zones are located in the location Crypts inside the perimeter of the ruins and Moonglow near farm fields, increasing detached bushes on the perimeter, where the monsters live ETA, which killed 1 PVP you accrue points. As there is an anomalous zone in the area of ​​Britain where PVP write-offs and charges are made randomly, that is, about 30% of all homicides in the area will give you a bonus in the form of PVP scoring.

PVP level is necessary Paladins and vampires, as well as in the PVP points you can buy some items on the Market.


To accrued and cancellation of PVP POINTS No time limit, everything happens in real time, be careful.

Moonglow Crypts Britain
pvpzone3 pvpzone1 pvpzone2


 PVP monsters



pvpmob2 pvpmob1


   Bonus items PVP

   Black Mamba`s potion - a potion, giving a bonus of PVP. The player, who had been drinking it when killing an enemy with PVP level gets a +3 bonus, while at the same time deprived killed PVP points - 3.

To discover whether the enemy used the potion Black Mamba`s potion, enough to pay attention to his backpack. Color is pure black backpack (ancient). Action potions lasts before it is used, or until death, after which will take the color of the backpack, which was before the potion. Killed potion makes no bonuses. About mining potions are looking for here.

Magic Cape Magmatic cape has the ability to break down randomly dying, protecting the owner against loss PVP points. More details see here on the cape.

Table PVP charges

  pvp level  

  pvp points  



1 level 0 Newbie 0
2 level 1-14 Recruit 2
3 level 15-44 Scout 3
4 level 45-89 Corporal 4
5 level 90-149 Sergeant 5
6 level 150-224 Knight 6
7 level 225-314 Commander 7
8 level 315-419 Major 8
9 level 420-539 Colonel 9
10 level 540-674 Warlord 10
11 level 675-1000 General 11
12 level 1000+ Marshal 12



 _________PVM SYSTEM_________

 ПВМ зоны

   PVM points are awarded to any character for killing any monsters in dungeons, and some locations in the world. Write-off points as well in these areas by killing a monster character. The stronger the monster, the more points accrued FPGAs for his murder, or deducted from the character in the character assassination of the monster.

   PVM points needed to obtain the level of Paladin or in exchange for PVP points from NPC Clint Eastwood in Britain. As for the FDA points you can buy some items on the Market.

Table PVM levels

   pvp level   

     pvm points     



1 level 0-249 Mad Hamster [Newbie] 1
2 level 250-2499 Full Raccoon [Recruit] 10
3 level 2500-7499 Singing Wolf [Scout] 20
4 level 7500-22499 Dark Elk [Corporal] 30
5 level 22500-47499 Destroying Bull [Sergeant] 40
6 level 47500-82499 Strict Whale [Knight] 50
7 level 82500-127499 Silent Lion [Commander] 60
8 level 127500-182499 Huge Bear [Major] 70
9 level 182500-247499 Severe Snake [Colonel] 80
10 level 247500-322499 Bloody Predator [Warlord] 90
11 level 322500-499999 Fiery Dragon [General] 100
12 level 500000+ An awful Demon [Marshal] 110

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