Earn gold

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Gold coins on our server, you can get in different ways:

  •    Mining and metals, cutting out colored wood is one of the profitable occupations. In - the first of the raw materials can be made a lot of useful items, and in - the second resource can be taken on the procurement post at the Market.
  •    Fishing - one of the most profitable and safe activities, fishing from the raft, you can catch a lot of useful artifacts, resources, treasure map, which can be sold or used for any reason.
  •    Treasure Hunt be very profitable - the higher the level of the treasure, the more interesting and richer contents of the chest, if you are very lucky, you can get there very expensive and rare items.
  •    You can earn gold, selling a variety of resources and objects on the purchase of the machine or resell to other players in the convenience store, chatting or using the forum.
  •    Killing monsters around the world and in the dungeons - get rich quickly, because they are cut from the skin, the resources come across artifacts, maps and many useful treasures magical things. There are safe dungeon, but richer choice in dangerous places, take care of it, do not forget to check for other players in the vicinity.
  •    Advantageous to be the owner of the vendor - often other players purchased with a vendor, this can quickly become a millionaire just by selling goods from a vendor. But keep in mind that in order to sell something, you need to start to stock up on goods and continually replenish, as the vendor has the rent.
  •   You can still be a warrior and killing other players, get them to expensive items, which are then sold. Note that this method may turn you into a victim.

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