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  Karma has a value from -10000 to 10000. See it available by clicking on the ball's reputation. If karma is from -10000 to -2001, the character's name is gray if karma above -2001 Nick character blue. Enhance karma can be killing monsters and pirates. When the value of the character assassination of a blue karma decreases. Paladin should be above -2000 karma, or its properties are lost. Vampires always Karma -3000 and below.

Each time you double-click on the corpse of a player with blue, gray, brown backlit name you will be shot 50 karma for each double-click on the corpse. Maximum number, which can lower the karma in this way as well - the players with a postscript [young] -1000, and -2000 everyone else.

Just karmic smearing poison on the weapon, the stronger the poison, the more karma taken away. Paladins subtract half the size of karma than in humans.

Does karma to bear chaos and order sheets. It takes a lot of karma, if we take a rarity weapons in the hands of Soul Ripper.



  Fame has a value from 0 to 10000. See it available by clicking on the ball's reputation.

If the value of your fame has reached 10,000, the name of the character is added postscript Lord or Lady.

You can gain fame, killing monsters, pirates and other characters. Consuming fame death. You can gain fame by passing Guard gray head. For each such head Guard provides 10% of its fame.

Value fame affects racial wearing armor, shields and weapons. Value fame for wearing these types of ammunition must be equal to or higher than 3000.


   Criminal status lasts about 10 minutes. Criminal status is given for the attack, loot, cutting, snooping blue by karma. For natravlenie your creatures on the players blue karma You also get the status of Criminal. You will become a criminal if you try to cast any good spell on the murderer or criminal will try to treat them in bandages, attack a rideable animals with blue status of another player.
emove status Criminal:
    Criminal soak if you are a ghost, but do not soak, if a character in the log-out.

  Murders are allowed anywhere and in any way that can be considered a bug. Status "killer" player gets 3 typing murder. The killings are for the murders of blue. If the index exceeds Number of murders 2, the light turns red your name and your name will appear in front of postscript Murderer. Players with red illuminated name will kill the guards of cities with the protected area. Each kill is removed from the "counter killings" every 16 hours on-line, for the package with "professional" every 8 hours on-line.

Remove kill :
Murder does not soak, if you are a ghost or a log-out.


Look at the corpse of NPC can be anywhere.

    The protected area: the body can directly open the host body, sogildiets and the one who killed the owner of the body. After 5 minutes, after the assassination of the body can open anyone who wants it.
    The area where the damage is impossible: to open the body can only host body.
Other territory: first 30 seconds to open the body can only be the one who killed him, and a host of .tak sogildiets at once, you can cut open the corpse.

New players put a postscript [young].
Benefits of registration:

Players with a postscript [young] can not be poisoned. If attacking freshman who becomes a crime, Guard appear immediately, even if they are not called.
Players with a postscript [young] are free to use the Travel Stone.


They can not use the skill Snooping.
Do not get additional bonuses to the weapon (the skills of anatomy, arms lore, etc.).
Do not get PVP points (exception is the PVP-Mobile).
For players with a postscript [young] do not give a PVP points.
They can not go into the teleport "red" cities in the market.

Validity of registration:

Status [young] character disappears after rejoining.

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