Chaos and Order

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Each guild may be three directions Neutral, Chaos and Order. Neutral makes no pluses and minuses for the guild and its members. If your guild Chaos or Order you will Additional abbreviation after guild abbreviations and full abbreviation will look like this: [Guildname] [Chaos] or [Guildname] [Order].


The members of the Chaos or Order guilds can get Chaos or Order shield, respectively. To do this, go to the guards and tell him "shield". After that, he will give you for 10.000 gp nyubayny very durable Chaos or Order shield (depending on the orientation of your guild). Dress up this shield can only you. This shield can be painted custom paint, spending 3 charges.
To put Chaos shield is necessary to have a value less than -2000 Karma.
To suit Order shield must have a value greater than 500 Karma.
Dress Chaos and Order can only shield from the connected service PRO.


Order against Chaos and Order against Chaos: Chaos can attack and kill Order and Order can attack and kill Chaos in any place where there may be damage. The player does not get the status of the offender and not get murder. The attack in the Guard zone you will not be able to call the guard.
Chaos against Chaos and Order against Order: For killing you will get the status of the offender and the additional murder count. During the attack in the Guard zone you can call the Guard.

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