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Ownership and use of devices purchase resources:

Owning device can each player. For the use of this product every hour of real time from your bank account will be withdrawn 100 gp. They must have another device to buy up resources can retire.

To set the type of the resource must be purchased to use the device (your account will be written off in 1000 rn activation) by selecting the desired resource for buying, set the price of the goods, put the number and press OK, then your account will be written off the value of purchased resources. Load money into the device you must complete its preliminary unloading.

Warning: setting up the machine you play 5 minutes, after which the machine resets.

   After loading the money into the device, it appears in the image resource and will be purchased and the amount of the cost, which will be reflected in the column of the machine, if you click on it.

If the device is purchased or a resource loaded with money by using its menu appears unloading the goods purchased. To remove it you must click on the bag in front of the menu specified number of purchased resources. It also shows the quantity of goods to be unloaded. The same menu is a button delete, by which discharged money and reset the specified resource type purchased. Changing the type of procured resources is only possible with the full discharge of the device. In case of complete emptying cash device, its color changes to red.

All resources at discharge falls into the backpack in an amount that the character can move around.

     For sale device resources should be used, and after the appearance of his sight click on the goods in your backpack. After that, in the latter will be the amount of money soovetstvuyuschim amount of resources, which was in the pile, and the purchase price set by the owner of the device.

Colour designations and indications:

  • Yellow - the device has no owner and can use it according to the rules any player.
  • White - loaded into the money and set the type of the resource purchased.
  • Blue color - is a process of setting the device owner.
  • Red - the device ran out of money purchase, you must unload the goods purchased and downloaded the new amount.
  • Black - resources have been removed and after 5 minutes you can take the device.
Click on the device shows it belongs to whom and at what price to buy the specified resource.
Click on a resource shows how many units thereof may be sold this device at this moment.

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