Bags Rename Tool

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  The need to change the name of the bags due to the fact that the sale by the vendor Player subjects is difficult and not very convenient to put the drain vendor items one by one. For this, generally used bags. In order to describe what is sold in a particular bag have to be placed in run-off vendor runes or notebooks with a description and the price of a bag. To help solve this problem, the game entered the tool Bags Rename Tool allows you to assign different names bags that reflect the essence of items sold and their price characteristics.

Where can I get the tool:

Tool Bag Rename Tool manufactures Carpenter.

Application tools:

1. Setting a new name: to enter a new name, you must make a doubleclick on the instrument occupies, and then click on it though. A menu appears in which the input text with the mouse is used to enter text letter by letter.
2. Change the name of the bag: to change the name of the bag needs to make doubleclick on the tool and then click on the bag. This bag should be in your backpack will.
3. The value of the menu buttons text input:
Clear - complete cleaning of the input field.
Exit - exit from the text input menu without saving the entered text.
Store - save the entered text and exit the text input.
Rename Bag - change the name of the bag from the text input menu.
caps Lock - Switching large / small letters.
Space - the inclusion of trigger that the next input character will be introduced with a space in front of it (applies only to the one entered character).

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