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Bonuses for YOUNGbonus for young

21 November 2016, takes effect bonus share for beginners - 3 skill of choice to 100% and starting PVM set.

What you need to do to get the bonus:
1. To be on our server for the first time;
2. Come up with 3 necessary skill;
3. Write pag (gm page in the game) in Latin, in which to list 3 skills.
4. To expect the administration not mandatory, grant of a bonus is possible even in Your absence, PVM set appears in Your Bank.
The results of the bonus in turn.
Please note that "cartoons"(the second of Your characters) the bonus is not given, for the deception of the administration of the penalties.


The results of voting in the top 100 of us in the ratings Ultima Online servers:

in the first place - will open a massive PVP arena every day
Second place - will open a massive PVP arena every day
Third place - will open a massive PVP arena every day

     Mass PVP arena - this is a safe area for massive battles among all the participants in the battle, after the death of a character all their own stuff gets into the museum.
     In the arena may also be present PVM mobs, which must be destroyed.
     Portal to a scene opens on Market and notified authorities.
     Arena can be open in an hour.



The unique game in which is open to everyone:

Once a week Um accidentally forget a beautiful box anywhere in the world who found it wins a prize - the contents of the trunk!

Be careful!

We have a beautiful chest guard Dread Wyrm.

     Tip: do not need to look for a chest on the water, on the safe areas and in the cities, it may be in the dungeon, mines, forests, fields, among the rocks.
     Chest can stand in one place for up to 1 week or until it is found, at the end of the week, he will be randomly moved to a new location.
     Finder it must unsubscribe in a specially created forum thread with the coordinates of the chest may be a screen, and cast GM page  with the word "Chest"
     PVP and PVM in this action is not prohibited.

gold fish(1)


Far away in the blue sea swimming goldfish, it protects valuable pouch that had fallen from a merchant ship finder goldfish receives the contents of the bag!
Be careful!

They say, in the zone inhabited by Sea Snake!

     Fish finder, must unsubscribe in a specially created forum thread coordinates finding fish can be a screen, and cast GM page with the words "Gold Fish"
     PVP and PVM in this action is not prohibited.
     The action will be carried out weekly, fish awaits you at any time.
     Tip: Ways to merchant ships are in the deep places.


Do you have friends who want to play a friendly fun team ? Bring them to our server and get bonuses !

Terms and conditions:

Your friend has not previously played on our server.
Your friend played more than a year ago and not more than 5000 game minutes.

The bonus conditions:

Your friend is logged on our server and writes in a personal account a message with the subject "Action" , which indicates your character name and your nickname as another, which led.
Write in a personal account a message with subject Participation in the action "Bring a friend", where you mark your nick and other fast facts.
Your friend is actively developing for the past 2 weeks.


If all conditions are met, see a friendly active team , your friend will receive a complimentary 1 skill at 100%  and 1 set of PVM armor. You get 10 days of service of the "Pro"

For the company in 4 new players provide for the issuance of 4 houses and Guild stone.


If you haven't played on our server, you can use this promotion. To participate you need:

To register your character on our server
To write in a personal account a message with the subject "character Transfer", where the nickname of your character on the Liera which server you wish to move.
To make screenshots of Your character where you see the skills and PVP level.
Make a list of desirable skills for migration in descending order: 5 to 100% , 7 to 80%.

After registration and verification by the administration, on your new character will be provided desired skills PVP level in the ratio of 1/3 and all of Laura.

Carrying things from a different server

Dear players and visitors!
Announces the start of the action on the transfer of personal belongings from other servers * to our server!

The list of things to carry:

PVP things:
1. All kinds of fire and armor to +20 fortification inclusive.
2. All weapons to +7 power inclusive, bows, crossbows, racial weapons, all kinds of stuff, all kinds of embossing and crafting weapons
3. Dragon, demon, water armor, racial armor
4. All kinds of leather sewn armor.
5. All kinds of embroidered fabric PVP items
6. Daemon Necklace, Bracelet, ring of live, all kinds of knock masks
7. Gildstoun

Inventory tools:
1. Picks up Heaven Pickaxe inclusive.
2. Axes to Angelic Hatchet inclusive.
3. The rods to Fire Fishing Pole inclusive.
4. Forge, Anvil, Crystal Ball of Reputation, Unlimited Recall Rune.
5. Diamond Dagger, Chisel, Saw, Exceptional Tinker's Tools, other tools.

1. Gold

Do not carry:
wood, metal, paint, animals, nyubaynye Tulsa, necrobook, newbie tools, all kinds newbie, Christmas, vintage things antibagery, all kinds of awards and registered items. Soul Ripper, Undead Slayer, +9 and other kinds of rare weapons.

The transfer will be carried out in two following ways:

The method:

1. Written GM page : transfer
2. In your account create a treatment with the theme "transfer".
3. Make screenshots, which can be seen in the magazine serial numbers (for rare items) and the names of items (for unrecognizable in appearance)
4. Links screenshots attach to the letter, specify a nickname on the old server and a nickname on our server.
5. Items that are not on our server can be transferred with the replacement of similar or similar properties, provided that the server site has a description of these items.

Things are given to the Bank on a first-come, first-served basis. Transfer of auction items is discussed separately.

* We consider such servers that do not have PVP orientation.

MAGNETIC STORM (temporarily not working)

Our planet is moving normally along its trajectory, suddenly fell into a magnetic storm! Now, in our world there are abnormal areas in which the players are attracted surprisingly nice things.

According to rumors of Lord British, and can attract any reagent, and armor, and even the rare resources, such as the magic of water!

     Objects drawn to characters with higher than 1000 GT, and being online
     Items packed in a box that can be opened only by the owner
     When preponderance magnetism subside


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