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Download ultima online client and other necessary files:

Ultima online client with Orion (recommended)

Client with the ORION launcher. Modern, with a wide resolution screen and a huge feature set including built-in uopilot, a map of the world, assistant to record macros, averescu and autolooter, the function of enlarging the image in General or of individual items hot keys, function on and off display of objects, trees, tiles in mine and other chips replacing patches.

It does not require additional programs, improvements and patches.


UOLiera Orion Setup.exe


configuration instructions

(306.5 MB)

Ultima online client patched for PVP


UOLiera (272.9 MB)

Ultima online client NOT patched


UOLiera not patch (272.4 MB)

Uo Pilot

Assistant necessary to facilitate the implementation of monotonous tasks

Uo (535 Kb)

Map of Britain

Irreplaceable thing in the treasure hunt or orienteering Britain.

UO (227 Kb)

New colors

Unzip the file and put it in the folder with the client. (110.5 Kb)
The patches below are necessary to improve the standard of clean verdaty or improvements already patched.

Remember that applying the patch, reverse will not only be replaced with standard verdata!

Before patching, save a copy of the current verdaty for hedging.

Assembling patches in one file

all (3.42 Mb)
With this patch will be visible boundaries of Anti-Magic homes. (127 Kb)
On the bones will be visible Palma (column) for the convenience of in PVP. (53.9 Kb)
Patch on fire, suitable for pumping skill camping. (16.7 Kb)
The patch for the miner. In the mines, instead of the standard soil tiles will be traced (counting mine). (39.9 Kb)
With this patch cloaks and robes acquire the property height. (21.8 Kb)
The patch on the container of paint. It will be possible to try the color of paint on yourself without spending charges. To do this, take a container of paint and hold to paperdolu your character. (21.6 Kb)
This patch will add a palm tree (column) on the bodies of the characters. Easy to PVP. (23.9 Kb)
It replaces the high walls in the dungeons of the low. (28.8 Kb)
With this patch perish from the earth all the snags and logs. The only negative -Just not be seen fallen logs, extracted lumberjack. (25.6 Kb)
Comfortable new thing for farmers. Rather similar sprouting wheat'll colorful numbered. (29.8 Kb)
Replace high fire, paralyzing and magical stone wall flat strips. Need for a comfortable PVP. (15.8 Kb)
It replaces the standard animation on the big demon animation gargoyles. Convenient for PVP and PVM. (1.38 Mb)
Also it replaces standard animations big demon, only with a sword on the animation gargoyle. Convenient for PVP and PVM. daemon(sword).zip (1.38 Mb)
Necrobook will be seen in the hand. (19.2 Kb)
 Removes animation magic walls (Field). (21.5 Kb)
Removes fine vegetation from the earth, flowers and herbs. (25.2 Kb)
It replaces the big pile of ore on the small. (17.1 Kb)
Removes rooftops. (16.2 Kb)
Replaces not cut down the trees on the stumps and cut down on the stumps with a picture of an ax. (29.7 Kb)

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